Bass Classes

Dan Hardin - Bass

It’s all about the bass, and for good reason. Without a bass you really don’t have a band. Back by popular demand! Irl, and his toothpick, is a good natured force of nature on the instrument and a great teacher to boot.

Bass classes will feature a variety of aspects of
playing, including:

  • Knowing your bass and basic set up, pick ups, mics etc.
  • Tuning & tuners
  • Left and right hand technique
  • Intonation and good tone production
  • Good timing and using a metronome
  • Basic 1/5 patterns
  • Nashville number system
  • Walking to changes/bass runs
  • Scales and how to use them
  • Leading tones/passing notes
  • Different time signatures (e.g. 3/4)
  • How to fit in the group: the bass player role