Camp Instrument Doctor

Bryan Kimsey – Camp Instrument Doctor

Bryan Kimsey - Camp Instrument DoctorBryan has been a professional guitar repairman for over 11 years and is coming to Acoustic Music Camp off an 8-year stint as “Kamp Doctor” at Steve Kaufman’s Acoustic Kamp. His forte is unleashing the full potential of Martin guitars from the ’70s, but he also does a lot of neck resets, fret jobs, and general setup work. He’s a very active member of the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum and a founding member of Flatpick-L. At Acoustic Music Camp, Bryan will be prepared to do nuts/saddles, fret jobs, and general setups on mandolins, guitars and banjos. He’ll also be happy to simply look at your guitar and evaluate its playability.

In addition to working on instruments, Bryan has been known to pick a song or two on both mandolin and guitar. He can play bass and is a beginner for life banjo player.

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