Dave Walser – Vocals / Harmony

Dave WalserDave Walser has been a musician in the Dallas area for a number of years and owns Blue Moon Recording and Post where most of the beatlegras CD was recorded.

“I remember seeing The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show when I was 10 and was blown away by how cool they sounded. I’ve been playing their songs since then. When I saw Paul McCartney in 2002 in his Back in the U.S… tour, I thought it would be fun to get a couple of guys together and play all acoustic versions of some Beatles songs. Hooking up with George and Milo was the best thing that could happen. They each keep the music on the edge. Milo with his Bluegrass hippie ideas and George with his Jazz and Classical Bass lines. We all really want to keep the spirit of innovation fresh while retaining some of the original Beatle flavor. We’re having a blast.”

– Dave Walser

For more information about Dave, visit: DaveWalser.com.