Vocal & Vocal Harmony Classes

[cgview id=21 orderby=rand showtitle=never size=130×195 lightbox=0] Vocal segments will feature many aspects of
singing, especially singing with other people:

  • How to sing without hurting yourself or others
  • Great duet singing
  • How to find the parts
  • Bluegrass tenor, alto & bass parts – what that really means
  • Gospel-style harmony

Dobro Classes

  NO DOBRO CLASS FOR 2018 CAMP. SORRY!   Dobro is no longer the red headed stepchild of bluegrass and country music. Dobro classes will give you a foundation for traditional and modern styles of lap-style slide guitar in G major tuning, including: Easy-to-play vintage Dobro licks based around the straight-bar major chords, and how to use them to build a solo or play backup—all the tricks of the trade that would have made a Grand Ole Opry audience go wild in the 1950s! Extensive right and left hand exercises to improve your picking, sliding, intonation, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and rolls. Strategies for finding chord tones (and hence the melody) within the scale, but away from the straight-bar chords, which will improve your ability to construct a solo in a modern bluegrass Dobro style that incorporates open strings, hammer-ons, pull-offs, etc. How to add some blues licks. How to find minor chords in G major tuning, and how to use that knowledge to


Clawhammer Banjo

Clawhammer banjos has it's roots deep in the music of Appalachian Mountains. It combines rhythm and melody to create the oldtime stringband sound.  is great for the solo back porch playing or or for playing in band. Students will learn all of the techniques of this style enabling them to play standards of the old-time repertoire, fiddle tunes, backup and more. There will be an instructor led Oldtime Music jam every afternoon. Come join the fun!


Mandolin Classes

The mandolin is one of the most versatile intuitive stringed instruments around. Bluegrass, old-time, Irish, old-time, jazz, blues, swing, rock and classical music have included mandolin. It's is perfect for picking out melodies and rhythm in almost any jam or band.     Mandolin classes will feature all aspects of playing, including: Pick direction How to incorporate melody into your breaks Chords 101 Monroe style Playing up the neck How to learn by ear more efficiently Fundamentals of backup How to pick out tunes Creating your own solos