Banjo Classes

Ned Luberecki - Banjo

The banjo is a much maligned instrument but we know its just envy…

Our great banjo teachers will help and inspire you to be a better player. Alan Tompkins will teach a special beginner track. Banjo classes will feature all aspects of three finger-style playing, including:

  • Basics of Scruggs style
  • How to incorporate melody into your breaks
  • Chords 101
  • Playing up the neck
  • How to play with a band
  • How to learn by ear more efficiently
  • Fundamentals of backup
  • How to pick out tunes by ear
  • Creating your own solos
  • All the rolls you really need to know

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Ned Luberecki



Dan Boner



Nate Lee



Becky Buller


Jam Camp

Keith Yoder


Dan Hardin


Special Classes

Gerald Jones