Buzz Busby – Bass

Buzz BusbyBuzz Busby caught the music bug early in life, after seeing the Beatles on T. V. Buzz played his first paying gigs at the ripe age of 13, playing teen dances.

As he matured, he wanted to make a living playing music .His first full time gigs in the 70’s where playing hard core country in honky-tonks. This is where Buzz honed his electric bass skills. as the country scene blossomed Buzz played shows all over the country with many of the top acts of the day; Moe Bandy, Mel Tillis, Razzy Baily and opened for George Jones at Billy Bob’s. Oh yeah, and many gigs with another Jones boy, GERALD!

Buzz also operated Songbird Recording Studio in the early 80’s, where Texas Shorty and even Mark O’Conner cut tracks.

Later in life, the bluegrass bug bit him. So, Buzz switched to upright bass, and says he will never look back. Buzz regularly performs with Blue Valley these days. Buzz also feels that because of his conversion to upright he can empathize with new upright bass players, and maybe shorten the learning curve.

But mainly Buzz loves the bass! And given any chance to talk bass and share ideas, he will jump on it.