Bass Classes

Irl Hees - Bass

It’s all about the bass, and for good reason. Without a bass you really don’t have a band. Back by popular demand! Irl, and his toothpick, is a good natured force of nature on the instrument and a great teacher to boot.

Bass classes will feature a variety of aspects of
playing, including:

  • Knowing your bass and basic set up, pick ups, mics etc.
  • Tuning & tuners
  • Left and right hand technique
  • Intonation and good tone production
  • Good timing and using a metronome
  • Basic 1/5 patterns
  • Nashville number system
  • Walking to changes/bass runs
  • Scales and how to use them
  • Leading tones/passing notes
  • Different time signatures (e.g. 3/4)
  • How to fit in the group: the bass player role


2018 Instructors
more announced soon


Ned Luberecki

Gerald Jones

Alan Tompkins


Brad Davis

Robert Bowlin

Dix Bruce


Paul Glasse

Dix Bruce

Nate Lee


Gretchen Priest

Nate Lee


Finger Style Guitar

Sam Swank

Clawhammer Banjo

Lee Thomas



Irl Hees


Wil Maring