About AMC – July 26-28, 2018

Acoustic Music Camp is three days of fun and learning in a friendly, supportive environment. We offer classes in banjo, flatpicking guitar, mandolin, bluegrass and Texas fiddling, vocals, songwriting, bass, and fingerstyle guitar. We have a world-class faculty who, along with being great musicians and teachers, are great people.

We try to limit class size to 12 students per teacher, although some classes may be larger. Depending on the number of students enrolled, we are offering one to three levels for each class.

Classes are a hands-on affair. You will not just listen to a lecture but participate by playing along with the teacher. During this “organized noodling,” the instructor is giving individual attention to each student. To keep this from being a noisy, chaotic affair, please do not play while the instructor is talking. Also, when playing during exercises, do not play so loudly that your neighbor cannot hear comments from the instructor.

As with tennis, the best way to get better is to play with people better than you are. Each day will include an instructor-led jam. Each instructor will take a different level of jam (advanced, intermediate, beginning or slow) and choose tunes and tempos, and keep the jam in-line and fun.

Each student will receive a zippered music bag with goodies. There will also be free drawings. You must be present to win.

Please check our FAQ page for more details and questions about Acoustic Music Camp.

Tuition & meals for the three day camp is $395.
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Based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, this year’s venue is:

South Oaks Baptist Church
5925 US Highway 287
Arlington, TX 76017
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Levels are self-selected by each student using the guidelines below.

Beginner Level: You can be brand new to the instrument but it helps if you know a few basic open chords and you should be able to change chords fairly easily. Being able to read tablature and/or written music is helpful but not required. The ability to tune your instrument and know which string is which is helpful. Having one or more tunes you can play all the way through at a slow tempo would be great.

Intermediate Level: All Beginner level skills, plus be able to play several tunes from memory, easily change chords, know some scales and be able to get a good sound from the instrument. Understanding how to use a capo and some knowledge of playing in different keys is a plus.

Advanced Level: All the above skills and be able to play many tunes at band tempos with some ability to improvise solos. Some understanding of music and chord theory is helpful plus the ability to learn tunes by ear. You should be able to play with your head out of your instrument, being aware of the players around you and providing the support and the give and take that makes playing music a really enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Acoustic Music Camp
2018 Instructors



Ned Luberecki

Gerald Jones

Alan Tompkins


Brad Davis

Robert Bowlin


Paul Glasse

Dix Bruce


Gretchen Priest

Nate Lee

Finger Style Guitar

Sam Swank


Irl Hees


Wil Maring